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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Draftable Online Compare?

This is the online version of our document comparison tool.

Upload two documents and we will show you the changes. Deleted text is highlighted red. Added text is highlighted green.

Is there a limit to the size of the files I can compare?

The maximum file size is 40 MB. The maximum document page limit is 600 pages. If you want to compare documents larger than this, you can try our offline compare tool.

What file types can I compare?

You can compare any combination of PDF, Word and Powerpoint documents (e.g. you can compare a Word document with a PDF document).

Why is the whole document highlighted (or un-highlighted)?

Typically this means that your document is a scanned PDF that requires OCR. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat or PDF-XChange to perform OCR, then trying again.

How is Draftable different to other comparison tools?

Our comparisons are better in quality, readability and ease of use. Experience it for yourself with these examples (they open in a new tab):

What changes does it detect?

We detect all changes in the text. We ignore changes to images, formatting, and text that is in images. Sometimes we will highlight text that has not changed due to positional changes. Our comparison algorithm is constantly improving, please do let us know if you notice any issues.

Are my comparisons private?

Comparisons are protected with a secret URL but anyone you give the link to can access your comparison. For confidential documents, use our offline compare tool. See our Privacy Policy.