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Accurate comparisons of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint files

Draftable Compare for Windows v1.1 is now available. Read about the update in our blog post.

Draftable keeps your documents confidential and private.

Comparisons don't use the internet. Documents never leave your computer.

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Lightweight and Powerful

Compare Across Formats

You can compare PDFs with Word/PowerPoint, and even Word with PowerPoint. Every combination works.

Comparisons Take Seconds

Our technical developments mean that even 300+ page documents take just seconds to compare.

Never Miss a Change

Draftable Compare highlights every single change, so you'll never miss one.

Compare Side-by-Side

Unlike redline comparisons, we show documents with their original formatting as they'll print.

Smooth Interface

Our comparisons are easy to understand and use, thanks to our aligned-scrolling technology.

Completely Private

Your documents are never changed. Your documents never leave your computer.

What People Say

I use Draftable to double-check almost everything I send to clients. Comparisons makes it easy to see what my team has changed, without having to read the whole document again.

Draftable's also useful for giving feedback. Whenever I need to fix someone's work, I send them a comparison to show them what I changed. This helps my team produce documents that are closer to client-ready.

Check this out!

Here's a comparison we made with our online compare tool. Draftable Compare brings this to your desktop.


Draftable Compare is licensed per user at $129/year.

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