Tedious tasks don't deserve your expertise.
Automate your inbox.

Draftable is a Chrome extension for Gmail that makes collaboration easy.
It tracks document versions and makes it easy to compare changes.

Use Outlook?
"Our legal team loves Draftable for Gmail. It's like a version control system and a document comparison system, all in your email. It has significantly reduced the time our lawyers spend reviewing documents and merging changes. It has also reduced the risk that we miss changes. I would definitely recommend Draftable for Gmail to any document-heavy companies."
Andrew Mellett, Managing Director, PLEXUS

Completely Automatic Version History

Draftable automatically groups documents that are versions of each other, even if they're sent by
different people, have different filenames, or are in different formats.

Be In Control. Be In Command.

Get Alerted To Anomalies

Draftable detects when things aren't exactly as expected; don't let untracked changes or duplicate files fool you again.

Access Previous Versions Instantly

Download versions in a click or peek at file details
including word count, last opened and creation date.

Stay Informed

Don't get confused by all the back and forth.
Simply preview the message of any version or open it directly.

Attach Versions Straight To New Messages

You shouldn't have to hunt around for files,
so don't any more, with Draftable.

Compare With Confidence

Comparing documents shouldn't be manual or tedious. It's simple and accurate with Draftable — as it should be.

Professionals spend up to 40% of their time reviewing documents, merging changes and other tedious tasks.

Over a year, that adds to over 300 hours. Let Draftable cut that down.

Dedicated Document Search

Your document-centric job deserves a document-centric inbox.
Search directly for documents and spend less time sifting through conversations.

The Best Comparisons For Human Readability

Traditional redline comparisons are from a bygone era; they're confusing, and error-prone.
Draftable side-by-side comparisons are designed to be read with ease.

Synchronised Scrolling

With Synchronised Scrolling turned on, it really feels like a single document.

Completely Interactive

Click anywhere and it does precisely what you expect. Try it out on a real comparison.

Share With Colleagues

You see what they see, and they see what you see. Eliminate the risk of miscommunication.

100% Accurate

Because Draftable is the one doing the comparing, no change will be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Draftable for Gmail is free while we're in beta. There will always be a free plan. We'll be introducing a paid plan soon.
Does Draftable for Gmail work with multiple sign-in?
Yes. You can choose which accounts to enable Draftable for. If you want to use Draftable with a particular account, click "Index this account" on the Draftable dropdown.
Which browsers does Draftable for Gmail work with?
Just Google Chrome at this stage.
Does Draftable change how Gmail works?
Draftable does not interfere with Gmail. Your inbox will still be an inbox, everything will work as before. We just add extra functionality on top of what Gmail offers.
What information do you store?
We store the minimal amount of information necessary to provide our service. Unlike other services, we do not store your messages or attachments. In order to determine when attachments are related, we index email metadata (headers) and the metadata and text of attachments.

We also collect error reports and usage information to improve our products.
Who has access to my data?
Our team members have access to general information about your account, e.g., your name and the amount of disk space your index is taking up.

Sometimes it is necessary for a developer to access more specific customer data, e.g., to provide customer service or to fix a bug. We place strict controls on any such access. We maintain a log of who accessed which data, which our CEO reviews regularly.
Which filetypes are Draftable compatible with?
Draftable automatically collects together related files of ANY filetype, but it is specifically optimized for professional document types, including Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and any text files.
Which filetypes can be used in the Compare Tool?
Currently, Word documents and text files can be compared. We will be adding PDF comparison soon.