Product Specific Information

Draftable Compare for Windows

  • Documents you compare are not shared with us. All operations on documents take place locally, so it’s okay to use Draftable Compare on confidential documents.

Information that is shared with Draftable:

  • You need to provide your name and email address to start a trial.

  • Draftable Compare communicates with our servers to check for updates and to ensure that your license key is valid.

  • Draftable Compare submits information about errors that occur when running Draftable Compare. These error reports may sometimes contain confidential information such as filenames. You can disable sending error reports by right-clicking on the Draftable icon in the task bar, clicking "Settings", and selecting "Disable Error Reporting."

Online Compare

  • Documents you compare are protected by a secret URL. Anyone you share the URL with can view the comparison.

  • Comparisons are deleted after no one has viewed them for a period of time.

Draftable Privacy Policy

Draftable manages any information collected from its web site visitors, customers and suppliers. It is our policy to:

  • Collect only as much information as required to provide our customers with a service, as well as to meet our legal obligations.

  • Store all information in a secure location.

  • Encrypt all sensitive information such as passwords.

  • Provide access to information by the owner as requested.

  • Not allow access to any third party except to the extent required by law.

  • Use a minimum of 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates to protect all transactions to and from our website(s), where the transmission of sensitive information is carried out.

  • Protect all data to and from our internal systems to and from our staff by secure virtual private network connections.

  • Never sell or trade any information that has been collected without explicit permission from the owner, after allowing them to add, edit or remove the information we have collected.