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Redline output

Generate redlines as Word with Tracked Changes or a custom-rendered PDF.

All popular DMS supported

Integrated with your document management system of choice.
Open, select, save, view.

Compare from file explorer

Launch comparisons from file explorer, Outlook, Word or anywhere else in your workflow.

Configure Draftable your way

Configure the comparison to your preferences, ignore style changes, change markup color and more.

Key Features

  • Compare Word and PDF file formats
  • Compare scanned documents
  • Save comparison outputs as Tracked Changes docx or redline PDF
  • One-click to print or email comparison outputs
  • Match the document markup styles to your firm's guidelines
  • Customize types of changes shown with advanced compare options
  • Include a summary page with comparison statistics
  • Purpose-built viewer for document review
  • Integrates with your DMS & other legal software

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