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Document Comparison API for PDF, Word, PowerPoint

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Everything you need, right out of the box

Meet our comparison viewer. Simple, and designed for ease of use. It's customizable, and ready to use straight away.


Compare anything to anything

Compare PDFs with Word/PowerPoint, and even Word with PowerPoint. See our full list of supported file-types.


Easy to use, and works with every language. Our client libraries make it even easier for C#/.NET/Java/Python/Node.js apps.

Powerful comparison viewer

Our user-friendly viewer does the highlighting, rendering and smooth synchronous scrolling. All you need to do is embed it.

End-to-end encryption

Your documents are important. We use enterprise-grade security at every stage, in transit and at rest.

Access control

You have full control over who can access your comparisons and for how long, based on your permissions structure.

Patent-pending algorithms

Compare 300+ page documents in seconds. Proprietary algorithms give faster and more accurate results.

How to integrate

If you are working in C#/.NET, Java, Python, or Node.js, our client libraries make integration easy.

From other languages, you can still use our simple REST API.

Example Usage

1. Send a request with the two files you want to compare.

// Example POST request to https://api.draftable.com/v1/comparisons
    "left": {
        "display_name": "Julia Gillard - Standards of Ministerial Ethics.rtf",
        "source_url": "https://api.draftable.com/static/test-documents/code-of-conduct/left.rtf",
        "file_type": "rtf"
    "right": {
        "display_name": "Tony Abbott - Statement of Ministerial Standards.pdf",
        "source_url": "https://api.draftable.com/static/test-documents/code-of-conduct/right.pdf",
        "file_type": "pdf"
    "public": true

2. Draftable returns a viewer URL.


3. Embed the viewer into your app with an iframe.

<iframe src="https://api.draftable.com/v1/comparisons/viewer/QqnpkT/ZjpBuiXb" allowfullscreen></iframe>

That's it! See our documentation to get started with the API.



$99 per month

  • 200 Monthly Comparisons
  • $0.10 per Extra Comparison
  • 1,000 Monthly Comparison Views
  • $0.010 per Extra Comparison View
  • 5 MB Maximum File Size
  • 400-page Maximum File Length
  • Secure End-to-End Encryption
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$499 per month

  • 5,000 Monthly Comparisons
  • $0.06 per Extra Comparison
  • 25,000 Monthly Comparisons Views
  • $0.006 per Extra Comparison View
  • 40 MB Maximum File Size
  • Unlimited Maximum File Length
  • Secure End-to-End Encryption
  • White-label Viewer

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