Round 1 - Screening call (1/2 hour)

We’ll get to know each other and talk a little about your background. The goal is to see if there is fit before getting into the more technical interviews.

Round 2 - In-depth interviews (2 x 1 hour)

We conduct two interviews:

  • Background interview (1 hour). We talk about your previous roles, focusing on your contribution, technical decisions you were involved in, and your opinions about the choices made. We’ll dig into the technical details of what you’ve done.

  • Technical interview (1 hour). We prepare a script and run everyone through the same questions. We won’t try to trick you and there won’t be any whiteboard coding. We might ask you things like “What’s a deadlock?”. We don’t expect you to know everything.

Round 3 - Work test (3 hours)

The last stage is a work test. We want to reproduce the work environment as much as possible, so you can use whatever tools or resources you like (except other people).

We’ll give you access to a repository on github. You will have a sequence of tasks to complete and will need to push code by the time limit. We’ll be available in case you need clarification or assistance but there’s no need to explain what you’re doing as you go.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about our process.