Draftable Comparison Server

Fully customizable, on-premise solution
for document comparison

Document comparison server for on-premise applications.

Our world-class technology, packaged for enterprise

Draftable's Comparison Server takes two PDF documents, and outputs a fully-functioning comparison as a HTML page, which you can embed in your app. It runs entirely locally, providing you with maximal privacy, security and flexibility.

A fully-functional example comparison with our default styling. It's possible to customize the look-and-feel according to your needs.

Core Features

Secure and private

Your documents stay on your servers. You have complete control over how comparisons are stored and viewed.

Integrate with any language

The Comparison Server is easy to use, and works with any language. Contact us to learn more about integrating.

Powerful comparison viewer

Our user-friendly viewer does the highlighting, rendering and smooth synchronous scrolling. All you need to do is serve it.

Engineered for 100% reliability

The Comparison Server is completely robust.
It has powered over 100,000 online comparisons, and is proven to be stable.

High performance

Compare 300+ page documents in seconds. Our algorithms are efficient and parallel, leveraging your hardware.

Patent-pending algorithms

Our proprietary algorithms are designed to efficiently find the edits a human would make. They give fast and accurate results.

Comparison Server vs Comparison API

Both our Comparison Server and Comparison API use the same comparison technology. If you're unsure which one you want, you probably want the Comparison API. However, the server excels in cases where you need a flexible, on-premise solution.

Comparison API Comparison Server
Solution type Cloud On-premise
Interface REST API Windows Library/Service
File types pdf, doc, docx, docm,
rtf, ppt, pptx, pptm
File storage Integrated Provided by developer
Web server Integrated Provided by developer
Authentication Integrated Provided by developer

Empower your users with beautiful document comparisons.

Complete security and flexibility. Easy integration into your enterprise app.