We are very excited to announce Compare for Windows v1.1!

New features: Saving and printing comparisons

The save function lets you save each side of the comparison as a PDF. The saved documents will be just like your original files, but include the highlights.

The print function lets you print each side of the comparison. You can individually print the left and right sides of the comparison.

You can find save and print under the File menu or under file header menu of the relevant side.

Save and print under the file menu
Save and print under the file header menu

Removed feature: Share comparison

Many of our users work with confidential documents that must not be shared outside their internal networks.

Previously, we had a button in the share menu that allowed you to share your comparison with colleagues, which would upload your documents to our website and let you view your comparison at a secret private URL.

We have now removed this feature due to user feedback. With this feature removed, there is no way for documents to leave your computer. Compare for Windows now better satisfies your privacy requirements, and is the ideal tool to compare your private documents.

If you still wanted to share your comparison online, you can still upload your documents to our free online compare tool. This is a separate service, and is not part of Compare for Windows.

Other improvements

  • Better support for very large documents
  • Various bug fixes, mainly in the installation process
  • New style for the headers on the documents. There is now a dropdown you can use to access print, save, open.

How to update

If you already have Compare for Windows installed, it should have updated automatically already. If it hasn't updated, right click the Draftable tray icon, go to Settings, then Check for Updates.

If you want to try Compare for Windows, start a free 14-day trial.

Hopefully you enjoy the update and find these new features helpful. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch with us at contact@draftable.com.